LIRI ED (Freedom in Education)

LIRI - Albanian word meaning freedom, ED - abbreviation for education.

Freedom in education is the right of any human. Freedom in education is the basic need of any society for the betterment of educational system and to improve quality of education. In modern world of education support of software tools is an inevitable. But huge expense of such system set a limit in the use of these tools.

"We provide the best web based software tools for academic management."

We are group of educationists, web developers, ethical hackers and management experts who works on developing software tools for academic management for our educational system. Liried's vision is to provide freedom academic management tools for all fields of education to improve quality of education.

Analysis Tools

Our Academic analysis tools helps to monitor all the academic activities closer. We do all the nasty paper works for you. All the reports you needed is just a click away.

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Great Design

Our websites can be accessed through any device. We design webpage with all device compatibility. Make analysis complete in travel or at home through mobiles, tabs, laptops or desktops.

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Android Apps

We provide android apps for mobiles and tablets. This makes you updated with all the notifications, updates, messages, analysis reports etc available at your finger tips.

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Custormer Support

We provide the best high quality customer support and assistance. We provide you uninterrupted service any time with a smile. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.

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Why Choose Us?

Are you in need of improvement of quality of education and there by improving position of your institution among other competitors?

We provide you the best assistance to monitor progress and perfomance of students by our analysis tools and there by assist you in making decisions to improve students perfomance.

We provide you the one touch report generation and analysis tools to reduce your paperworks and save your valuable time.
You can access our service from any device on your travel and save free time to spend with yor family.
Use our software tools to provide updates, messages, marks and attendance automatically to the parents without any efforts.

Latest Products

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NAMS Nursing Academic Management System

Our first step toward servicing the society is academic management software for nursing colleges.

NAMS home page
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EAMS Coming Soon. . .

Academic management software tool for engineering colleges.

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SAMS Coming Soon. . .

School Acadmic Management System for schools.

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